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Re: Summer Event theories

^ i would say the scarcity of white lugh masks on Morrigan argues against that theory Lewis. And, as much of a pain as that quest was., I had three whites, three purples and a slew of others. Of course, the lugh masks were the best-looking event item ever. The recent yule crowns look good on guys bu...

Re: Summer Event theories

No real credit for figuring out Zap - the spawns have been almost the same since the first event I took part in -- Yule 2011. What was it, 13k pumpkins for the white mask? And I have three of them lol..... Hundreds of yule hats and garlands. Plus multiple king diadems... Do the same thing some 100k ...

Re: Summer Event theories

Zap, I don't actually have the map myself but I know someone (Bitey maybe?) has the prior event spawns mapped on his website. When I am off the stupid rainy soccer pitch and back indoors like a good gamer, I will look for it. The spawn maps have varied slightly over the years but typically the items...

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