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Re: Is glitching through walls considered ban worthy?

Well you could enter the water at the waterfall beside the Statue of Epona near the Tavern before, and were able to glitch to weird places in the old Castle (before a certain patch/update that fixed that). I did both all the time before without being banned so doing those things are pretty much the ...

Re: Can someone send pictures of last even unicorn stats

Hey, I can't get you pics but I found the following while looking through the item database. Hope this helps. Nimble Windwalker This Nimble Windwalker is of an ancient, mystical lineage. This mount will boost your movement speed by 75% and health and energy regen by 20. Slot: Main Hand Piercing Dama...

Re: Test of Regulus

If it's literally 20 people you might not be able to, but try grouping them. It could increase the chance of them accepting if you state that you're doing the quest.

You could also camp until a soloable PH spawns and kill it before anyone else does.

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