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Re: Against the dominance

A quick reminder to please discuss the idea of dominant clans, without naming specific clans. You guys have been doing great so far and it’s an interesting topic. Naming specific clans will cause arguing which will derail the topic into petty fighting. Thanks! I’m looking forward to see where this c...

Re: Response to griefing

I mean honestly, calm is %100 a skill used to peel a boss off a tank. No it’s not. As a mage, I gain aggro like crazy often pulling it from the tank. When a Druid calms me, it causes the mob to move to the tank and keeps me alive and dishing out damage. It is not “%100 a skill used to peel a boss o...

Re: Gele Lock Battle - Is outlocking without being able to kill a boss griefing?

Speaking as a player and not a mod: Back in the old days our clan, and the comp clan, would lock the summer dragons in lirs (smolach etc) and wait for the rest of the clan to show up. Us and them would camp with a small group of dps, lock it, and either idol it out or bolas until we could message th...

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