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Re: Ksing...

I thought everyone knew to call dibs on the mob, or lick it so no one else wants to touch it.

Re: Bloodlust Helm

Based on the amount and quality of questions that have recently been posted to this forum, I feel that we have an infestation of Help Vampires http://slash7.com/2006/12/22/vampires/ Help Vampires are found in every public online community, from those nearest to our hearts to those furthest from our ...

Looking for Radiant Earthstone Armor

Hello Everyone, I am looking for a few pieces of Radiant Earthstone armor. The pieces I need are Radiant Earthstone Breastplate, Boots, and a radiant earthstone blackthorn necklace. I would like to trade my radiant earthstone gauntlets, plus the greater version of the armor that you have. This is wh...

Re: Two New Policies

admin wrote:2) You can't get scammed unless you give items to someone - just keep your items to yourself, don't give them to other players and you will never get scammed.

How would you suggest we transfer items between our characters without giving our items to another person?

Re: Welcome to the New Bloodgrove

I'm not saying that I need crafting, minigames, etc. to be added. I was just saying that we need another room with more high level mobs in it so players can level up without ksing each other and camping spawns all day. I know the tower will eventually open and will make this point moot, but when it ...

Welcome to the New Bloodgrove

I have noticed that as people get to be higher and higher level (140-150), that the areas available to them for leveling drastically decreases in this game. This is going to be a problem soon, and we are going to see all the same problems that plagued Bloodgrove before the latest update. I have hear...

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