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Re: Global Tavern

I’m wondering about the level 18 repeatable quest where you kill the ghosts in the tavern. I’m wondering how that is going to work now with so many people.

The lag wasn’t bad though but there were piles of people at the ovens.

Re: Open beta reward

Is this about the beta that came after CG beta? I actually dont even remember a reward being promised. But tbh if they can focus on taking feedbacks on current update rather than give a reward for some open beta Id be happier. Yes The beta reward will be coming out with the next big update this Spr...

Re: Avengers Endgame!!!

My favorite.... uhm... Its tough, in the MCU everyones nerfed a bit and fit more into storyline, in the comics Ironman is much more likeable as well as Black Panther due to how op he is (chokeheld the silver surfer). I feel like they need to give Ironman a bit more strength and show more of his ski...

Re: Lock Wars Question

As most people are replying, this info might not be valid anymore. Mostly because it’s 3 years old. Don’t necropost kids, it makes puppies cry.
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Re: What can we do to prevent further Bloodthorn griefing?

About the only thing you can do is open a ticket with support by emailing support@onethumbmobile.com with a link to the video, date & time, and any other information that can help VR understand the situation. It may fall under the zone disruption clause, or it may not depending on the circumstan...

Re: A Beast Awakens

Is it just me, or is everyone else also expecting the new update to drop after the Dragon Event is over? Don’t believe beta is done yet. I imagine it will be soon but still some stuff left to polish and smooth out! It’ll be worth the wait though :) ...I mean, yeah, after, but not immediately lol :?...

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