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I can't name and shame due to rules, but i want to find this guy's main and let hell loose. I got scammed a very stupid way [can't believe i fell for it], this guys alt starts with flaml and u can guess the rest, lvl 97 mage he is too. Help me find his main everyone!!! - BloodxPulse Lvl 77, Druid [T...

Re: Hello.

Thank you for the sub, will do celtic heroes very soon just getting everything ready :D


Hey whats going on lads its TrinityLad AKA BloodxPulse in game, and if you see TrinityLad as a character its my brother. :D I tried to make a new forum account but no activation links came my way so I found my old details. I am currently lvl 75 Druid, im friendly so don't hesitate to talk to me inga...

Re: Herne Gold Lottery

Curry30423 wrote:
Dopeehead wrote:Lolol you admitted you bought an account on forums.. I thought curry had brain problems..

.-. U still think that eh? :cry:


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