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Re: event stuff

Dopefreshtrill wrote:Just bought a 200k new mount from Mount store 60% speed and 25% energy regen woot!

25 PERCENT regen?! Did OTM finally introduce percentage regen?![/quote]definitely not 25% regen lol that's full energy in 4 ticks for 200k, yeah right.[/quote]
We wished this was true. :cry:


Re: Who would win

Curry30423 wrote:
Heroskill wrote:White and brown rabbit would win they're op af

+1... how the fk are we gonna kill this :/ we need more havgar gear first and He is a pain to kill

Make a chicken army :lol:

Re: Thank you!

We hope that it will be tomorrow although there are some last checks that need to be done on iOS so this might push it back a day or so unfortunately, but we'd rather it worked when you get it! :geek: Are you gonna give my acc back too tomorrow.....????? I whas planning on buying bunch of plat and ...

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