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100 boss sale

mystic frostiron ring of the glacier (mage) 5k (sold)
Mystic frostiron ring of hearth (mage) 5k
Greater frostiron ring of hearth (mage) 8k (sold)
Mystic frostiron wand (mage) offer (sold)
Mystic frostiron ring of great oak (druid) 5k (sold)
Greater frostiron brace of trickery (rouge) offer (sold)

Stuff I wanna buy

1. Grand Silverweb helm of the frostspinner
2. Grand Silverweb charm of elements
3. Master twisted wand
4. Greater frostiron Bracelet of hail
5. Greater frostiron ring of glacier
6. Kron spiritseed or stonebark charm

if you have any of this stuff and wanna sell it pm me @ Kardifall or Kardomond :)

Price check

I lost all my good stuff to hacks (long story) But now i wanna buy back some of the stuff i lost so can someone tell me the prices on these things 1. Kron shrivewood set (100 lvl req) 2. Grand/mighty silverweb helm of the frostspinner 3. Full regular green spidersilk fash (no mask) Ty Ps. If you hap...

Re: Time to sell DL?

im not really in a high enough level to join these topics but im just gonna point out that if some of you plan on selling dl drops you should really put up a good price for those who dont buy plat. just saying

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