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Re: A Funny Comparison

I do have to state that i am not Swan, although i'm flattered that you could see any similarities. And, about the misspelling of words, my android has a strange autocorrect system, i turned it off for this reason, trust me it's easier to deal with fat thumbs although i might miss an error here and ...

Re: A Funny Comparison

I am not Alice, and mods can check IP addresses so they know that's the truth. Edit: Also, I don't misspell words. With all the funds in game, you could easily have two devices. Were you always so fiesty? Or was i naive when i was but a boy lol? I find it hilarious that you think like I would actua...

Re: Favorite team

Michael_XXX wrote:
Thrift wrote:I always liked D-Wade. Though if you don't keep up with bb i suppose you may not know who i am referring to.

How would you not? XD

Lol he's silent...but deadly. Well...semi deadly...and old.

Re: Armor vs Health

Overall it's gear based-- however due to percentage based armour defense and hp lixs, vitality/hp focused builds with a hint of dps generally preform the best, albeit slower. So point for point, vitality beats out strength He's referring to stacking up items with health bonuses so he can use frenzy...

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