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Lugh Player Ban – Vote

With much deliberation amongst many players on the server, it has been decided that a vote should occur to ban a specific player from rolling on boss drops. There are several reasons, including: continuous and non-stop vulgar abuse towards Lugh players, harassment, inability to play nice with the ma...

Selling 190 Garanak Bladeleaf Set

Looking for 2.75M gold or chests. Set is for level 190, grants a 200 heat damage bonus aura when wearing all 3 pieces. Neck: Strength:200 Vitality:200 Wounding Attack Evasion:600 Charm: Strength:100 Attack:300 Wounding Attack Evasion:300 Ring: Vitality:100 Defense:300 Wounding Attack Evasion:300

Re: Mordris helm rule - Forum voters

If not everyone can see it you can't call it a vote. Again, you cannot pick and choose who votes. Everyone has the right to see whats going on, as this is a free world. No one should withhold information from anyone. On the topic of voting, there was never a wechat vote for the forums to decide. It...

Re: Contact Callator

Raijin did yep. For all the haters I really dont care. Ive seen too many higher leveled players abuse and take advantage of the weak and innocent. Merching is business. At least then I am paying for items or exchanging them for gold. Not stealing drops, taking a free 1 mil without an item, etc. The...

Re: Contact Callator

Mysteryman wrote:So Shalim successfully ripped off callator. Smh. Also sounded to me like someone was trying to take out another warrior. One less person to dice against and then you can overcharge for your garanak lmao.

you really are a POS.

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