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HEY OTM, will we ever get an update? Please don't delete this post and give us an answer. Lie to us i don't care just give us an answer! Why are we second always to android? Can you please concentrate on IOS since we are the reason the game exists? This is rediculous


Hey guys, I havent heard anything about this mythical update in quite a while. Whats the latest on this,or did everyone already forget about it by now? These new events are fine while they last,but how about a new place to train for us end game players? This new update/engine was supposed to be out ...


So again Android gets the event before us hmm..... Didn't ios get this game to where it's at now? Why spit on us? And this freakin mythical update thats over a year late, wheres it? This is getting ridiculous,when is everyone on ios gonna stand up and demand we be heard? We keep taking crap while An...

Re: When does the grind end?

The grind will never end because OTM will never update IOS. They only focus on android now and they figure screw IOS, at least thats how it seems to many. People are leaving the game in droves on ios and they could care less. They have lied to us for months about this mythical update. Come on OTM, i...

Re: Warrior Advice

oh yeah one more spot of advice, Never listen to Criminal!!!! He will give you bad advice because he doesn't want anyone to be as good as him :lol:


Why is Criminal so Awesome? Could it be the way he gracefully rides around on his mount,or perhaps the goofy hats he wears. Maybe it's his delightfully amusing broken English... Whatever the reason,he is truly freakin awesome!!!(for a noob)


Did the title of this post fool you? what I really wanna talk about is Mc Griddles. The Rock!!!!

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