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Why is Guardog so awesome? There are many many reasons,but it's still a mystery.

Re: To OTM

OTM,these issues are killing the game,you cant tell me that the Plat sales haven't dropped a ton. These new idols,along with the exaggerated prices on lux,and many many lag and other issues. I know i haven't purchased plat in months,and i was a hundred dollar a week buyer,so i guarantee im not the o...

new engine

An honest perspective of this new engine is that although there are several,several,several,several glitches,horrible idol idea,extreme prices,general lack of new content,absolute lack of concern for end game players opinion, the game is good. lets face it,the graphics are cool,and there is snow fal...

Re: [FEEDBACK THREAD] iOS Destiny Engine & Yule (inc crashes

I phone 6,i pad(maybe 2 months old),i phone 5s,i phone 5 c. All updated to the latest. Cant send mail,only able to receive. when i try to reply or send new mail the screen goes black and locks up. invisible people/mobs extreme lag even though i am on the fastest connection money can buy high prices ...

Re: An Apology To OneThumbMobile

there is nothing to be sorry for,they have many many bugs and glitches to fix,after the 2 years they have been working on this update you figure it would be flawless,but alas it is not. The idol nerf,the 2 mil mount,all the premo gold new lux only shows that money is whats most important. The game i...

Re: Belenus?

no worries dude, an update will probably be released sometime in July or August of 2026. OTM has all they're focus on the Android and thats never gonna change. Why do people even buy platnum anymore? You get the same old crap from every event, they change a bit but same old crap

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