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Re: Too slow paced

Some time ago I suggested that the game needs to be more fast paced, I was surprised that it got 0 or little comments. What I mean by slow paced is the combat, 100% of things to do in CH involves combat and just imo its too slow and quite dull to watch and honestly makes me not interested in playin...

Re: Solo Levelling

Cool thanks, right now im using a focus offhand, which i cbf swapping out lol and my health is almost not high enough that i cant level without combos. Ive got 250 vit (about 2300 hp in total) and rest in foc.

Solo Levelling

I have a mage in carrow atm, and I’m finding it hard as hell to solo lvl. I just wanted to know how you guys did it efficiently or if i even should be bothered.

Re: Celtic Heroes Future

I think we should not try and force otm to do anything that will unbalance their obviously carefully designed game; anyone who says otherwise has no idea how much work goes into creating anything like this.

Also i’ll resist the temptation to write an essay like everybody else :P

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