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Re: Yule Hats?

Yule hats? As in yule helpers? Only three had effects
Quest hat - black, purple
And the mob drop white yule.

Stardust top hat is a rare chance from the quest if that's what you mean

Re: Problems

Lol. Hacking dice?
Worst post I've ever seen lmao
You going to ban vulture for hacking ch next? Me too?

You're just throwing bs claims out of your booty lad.
No one is hacking get over it you booty bothered little boy

Re: best class?

Rogue is the best class and easiest to level. Warrior/Ranger easy classes. Mage fun class Druid.. Well... Hardest class to level, no1 needs druids now to lvl with. If your on a budget I recommend ranger cheapest and easiest class to boss without burning idols. Druid burn quite a few and need to buy...

Re: Not Fair, and really bad...

You REALLY want a new iphone? Get a job. It's not hard, I was working for my uncle when I was eleven years old. I'm sure you have a family member you can work for.

1) bug your parents
2) do something about it and get a job
Your choice.
If you got a job you'd have a new iphone within two weeks.

Re: Turn off notifications

iSpeed wrote:If they cant fix they will be going back to old engine. Why? Well because everyone hates game now becauce of the lag and crashes and 80% of people cant log in.

Where do you get 80% from lol
Iphone 4 - one crash, happened when I started typing
Only crash i ever experienced

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