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Re: Purple Crests?

>why are greens so rare
aha wish i had that luck

purples are so damn rare because no one wants to play any other class. easiest to level, hardest to gear.

i doubt they have different drop chances.

Re: Dany (the scammer)

It's funny because I provided full evidence of dany scamming dragonsf back when he was like 180 and tzunami was like a 105 noob who rarely played, dany was kicked from synd and everything. We could have had neither of them in Lugh today but nope for some reason he was accepted back and now you have...

Re: Dany (the scammer)

ShannonFromLugh wrote:Which dany?

who do u think
the guy who scammed dragonsf's reaper ring then tried saying I'm dragonsf

maybe now everyone will listen. even his irl friend is calling him a scammer

Re: Hi Lugh

friddoo wrote:
Based_Shaft wrote:>came here to escape drama
not gunna escape any drama here lol

Escape drama with clans as this server dosent require the need for a dominant clan id say I'll escape it pretty well

it was just a warning lad. we have it just as much as any other world. just not as bad

good luck on your venture

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