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Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

I remember i powerleveled you with Ismael on lvl 100 spiders :3 Anyways, it would be great to see you here again :) Moss yeah man that was during last year yule, april-may i think. fun times, i stopped playing for 3 months cause i bought myself a house, but im coming back soon, maybe next month feb...

Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Eh, i saw this post for awhile, mise well and yolo. My name is Kilp, i play on herne. I am a lvl 155 warrior, but i have been working on my mage Spacebound on lugh lvl 198. But im slowly coming back to henre, making sure i will buy plats and not rely on anyone this year, thank for those that help, a...

Re: Happy anniversary to me!

July 1st 2012 I believe, pretty sure I was at home bored prior to Canada Day celebrations and started playing my iPod and found ch. That's how I remember it but I may possibly have started a couple weeks prior, honestly it's been too long. TRUE THAT, i was looking for a mmo around last year winter ...

Might come Back

Hey everyone if ya know me Im Kilp lvl 155 warrior, might come back soon. see if less tension in herne kinda died down i was hearing from ppl. Hopefully, it is true, miss ya guys.

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