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Re: Fake email

I am pretty sure this is a fake. Look at the email I just got in my inbox. Celtic Heroes Support <onethumbmobile@outlook.com> 12:06 PM (22 hours ago) to me 1518635009300_Screen Dear Hero, We will disable your account within 48 hours if you don't reply directly to this email. We have noticed that yo...

Re: Game is laggy and broken

The fix appears to have been temporary. Trades are glitched again. Drops from mobs are sometimes glitched. I was lixing two toons and when I logged one off and back on the experience I had gained was lost, but the lix was returned. I logged off the other and, again, the exp was lost but so was the ...

Server Restart 22.12.2017 - 15:00 GMT - Bug Fixes and Competition Preparation

Hey Heroes, Server restart today to: Clear Competition Leader Boards in preparation for the next competition (to be announced shortly) Fix an issue where some Exquisite versions of the Festive Recipes are not completing correctly Fix the Auction House not displaying listings from the Other filter. S...

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