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Re: Anyone finish this quest?

Artisan wrote:I can’t get it to complete. Any ideas on how?

The Tibia will be found in your Inventory under the Jewellery filter. You equip this and it gives you a skill that you have to cast on the Spire to complete the quest.

Hope this helps but if not do let us know.



Re: please fix

nikk95 wrote:how do I clear the cache

Go to Settings - Celtic Heroes - Storage - Delete Cache - Delete Data - Launch Celtic Heroes again and this issue should be resolved.

Remember to have a note of your username and password before you do this as you will need to re-enter them.



Re: Bugs in the new release

My android keyboard doesn't work, it's inconsistent but basically multiple different keys nowhere near each other give the same letter. I'd try clearing the Cache and Data of Celtic Heroes and relaunching. If that doesn't help then possibly clearing the cache and data from your keyboard would impro...

Re: Game Size

If you have an older device it is probably best not to update the OS to the more recent versions. The newer OS dramatically reduce the performance of older devices it seems i.e. iPhone 5 running iOS 9 performs far better than iPhone 5 running iOS 10 or 11.

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