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Re: New Recipes Coming Soon?

I wanted my birthday cake recipe suggestion :cry:

+1 to particle/event recipes

+ 1 to slash recipe from mage

+ 1 for better caster foods that are ability or direct dmg.

Make a recipe for the golden carps or change it's misleading Description.

Give us the ability to cook our own pet food!

Re: Witch Dead

I don't know how the participation drops are going to work but I had to switch toons to avoid the AOEs from pets/casters .. hope that still counts ._. If VR's goal is to create a server boss that brings us all together to kill it, it should be in a [new] cross server zone. If goal is to have us all ...

Re: Godly BT Helm - Druid

Congratulations! Looks like a few helms have been dropping across the servers, I hear Donn and Herne have had drops to, any others? Herne got 2 royal helms in event so far. We have been killing on spawn. Drop rates adjusted Schwing ? Doubt it - danu has got crap and we've killed all but one on spawn

Re: Dhiothu Downed on Danu!

2.5 hours... holy yikes... pick that dps up Wasn't exactly that long tbh lol but counting set up time it was just at 2 hours ... the second one went faster. We are doing at a time where some of our best dps can't log but seems to be best time for Druids ._. And a lot of our dg mains are having to s...

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