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Re: No one fights alone week

Is it just me, or did all of these “weeks, days and months” for something in particular start popping up out of no where recently? Lol Love the positivity and cause of this week, even tho I’ve never heard of this until now lol. Not sure why people need to make a week to recognize/support something ...

Re: Open Beta?

I’ve been in many closed betas for many years, played since 2011. Every time a bug was reported to OTM, they fixed it, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Sure there are some bugs that only appear when game goes live but that’s a given. The update isn’t even out yet so I wouldn’t judge it bas...

Re: Hello, new player with ?'s about Clans & Servers

Hello there, and welcome to the world of Celtic Heroes :D Like Tadaaah said, Rosmerta is booming these days! Our most powerful clan is Forever, and we kill every end game boss. We distribute gear based on a DKP system, which is accumulated points from end game bosses. We have a feeder clan TheReal w...

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