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Re: dam

Death wrote:
admin wrote:Hi we will be implementing a way to move servers in future after the main game updates are done.

Thats really something. This makes me wonder as a clan leader just what will happen... Well, hello RedBranch and Raiders of Arawn ;)

Well Hello :D

Re: dam

Cause they are busy making the best update ever lol just make a new character

Re: ****RedBranch Now Recruiting****


Etive - Druid lvl 53 (Cheiftain)
Ember - Warrior lvl 45 (Guardian)
Loopworm - Rogue lvl 34 (Guardian)
URMIL - Warrior lvl 50 (Guardian)
SwiftStrike - Rogue lvl 46

We may be few currently but were all really good friends :D

Re: dam

All the cool people are in Arawn..... :o :D

Just kidding.....

But seriously...... :evil:

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