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Re: ****RedBranch****

That actually sounds good to me. Do you want to take charge in this action? I want this clan to have total Server Domination :) I know we can do it, and once pvp is active, people will be switching to take us on.

Re: ****RedBranch Now Recruiting****

Hey etive can we organize some meetings with other clans. Like get us all together maybe make allies or friends or a sub guild? Sounds good to me, I was talking to Tots week ago about his clan joining ours and he said he wasn't against it he wants to get his clan lil bigger and wait for update ad s...

Re: Druid Feedback

Nice feedback. I think we've all posted our suggestions about Druid (the ones that actually play it at least and stick with it) in other topics, but its good to see what others feels about it too. good job bud :D

Re: ****RedBranch Now Recruiting****

Update Of MEMBERS: Etive - Druid lvl 54 (Cheiftain) Ember - Warrior lvl 46 (Guardian) Loopworm - Rogue lvl 36 (Guardian) URMIL - Warrior lvl 51 (Guardian) SwiftStrike - Rogue lvl 47 Zumuclyst - Ranger lvl 33 Tsubame - Rogue lvl 53 iBubble - Rogue lvl 51 Daantje - Rogue lvl 47 if you would to join u...

Re: Level 52

Im at lvl 54, and im just doing slow grinding now waiting for the beta to go live :) so keep in there guys, they are working their butts off to get this update to us soon. :D

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