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Re: Leaderboard

Lol I remember a while back Gwydion had a clan like that named helter-skelter. I joined with an alt, and the first thing I heard was "lets run around lirs in our underwear!". I soon left.

Re: Update satisfaction

As Bitey said this may be more of a topic for PM :lol: I think the community will like it, I hope they do at least. You unfortunately cannot please everyone and there will always be some who dislike a certain aspect but from what I've seen so far (Basics of the update) I think it is heading in the ...

Re: Update satisfaction

I think that Muldar would honestly say... that any topic that is specifically directed toward him would be better handled in a private message, and that you should PM him directly :D You are right, and I did think about that. But my reasoning is that if we are honest it is something the whole commu...

Re: Update satisfaction

Trust me. I think muldar is a great guy and really good at his job, and I know that he isn't the one who makes the decisions lol. I wasn't at all trying to bash him. Sorry if the way I worded my question caused this misunderstanding

Re: Update satisfaction

What...? It had nothing to do with getting mad at muldar lol. I was saying that since he knew what we wanted, he could maybe give us an idea of whether the next update would satisfy us. I know he isn't responsible for anything.

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