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Re: Gelebron spawn time

Honestly I would say that the longer spawn windows give dominant clans a larger margin of error. For instance, like I said before, sometimes my clan will come to a boss with a group of 5 or so people exactly on time and then a minute or two later, the bigger clan will start to show up in droves. If ...

Re: Gelebron spawn time

^^^Honestly as a member of one of those smaller clans, I can tell you that this isn't true. What happens a lot of times is that me/a few members from my clan are there exactly when the boss is due. However, about 1 or 2 minutes after the boss is exactly due, members of the other clans begin showing ...

Which is better?

Which is better for a 180 hybrid warrior? Freezing/Eldritch/Fiery Dagger of Shadows? Or Fiery/Freezing/Sorcerous Axe of Might? Also, which is better for tanking: Shield of Fortitude? Or Shield of Endurance?

Re: Game Dying?

As it is, I personally feel as if the game is getting better not worse. The question really is whether these changes have begun too late....and only time will tell that.

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