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Re: Account suspended

Muldar wrote:The website was briefly suspended by the hosting administrator due to suspicious activity on the server we are hosted on.

Issue has since been resolved.

"Suspicious Activity"? You got something to hide Muldar? Is CH just a front? :lol:

Re: Relic Cheating

Is it at all against the terms of service for one or multiple people to place Lvl 1 alts at all of the hunter’s remains spawns and monopolize them? It makes it painfully difficult to collect them and worsens an already tedious task. Although botting is against the TOS (like Muldar said), what you d...

Re: Unable to Connect

BazettaWraith wrote:Going through support process for missing plat purchase. If I seem tense or unstable this has a lot to do with it. I'm sorry :(

Tense or unstable...as opposed to your normal calm self? ;)

Re: Gwyndion what's up?

Forums aren't required anymore because of strong activity on social apps Not from Gwydion, but I can confirm that social apps fill the gap where the forums fail. I attribute this to overmoderation on the forums. I remember the good old days back in 2012-2013 when flame wars still occurred. It was g...

Re: Auction House

If you wanted to sell only to your clan members than don't use the auction house lol, just ask in your chat group in line or whatever you use. Not sure why you would want to sell something to people only in your friends list lol Obviously that is an option; it would still be a cool feature/convenie...

Re: Gelebron spawn time

Honestly I would say that the longer spawn windows give dominant clans a larger margin of error. For instance, like I said before, sometimes my clan will come to a boss with a group of 5 or so people exactly on time and then a minute or two later, the bigger clan will start to show up in droves. If...

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