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Re: Could admin verify?

As a Beta tester, I can atleast assure you that it was just chatter floating around in the beta discussion and isn't a highly thought of idea, chances of them becoming bound are awfully low, chances of them having stats/levels reqs, I wouldn't mind all too much, but still, seems like the chances are...

Re: Solitaire

Don't wot spadd n indira Elite always include solitarie in clan runs. Some gotten warden weps n armor through us and we always tell sol their welcome that elite n sol are one n will dominate and bring the peace and fun their once was. Yes sans the use of the word 'dominate' haha :) Good news guys, ...

Re: Buying

KnightRyder wrote:GABY!!!!!!Seriously 70k?? i was thinking 55-65k 5.6million... +55k

Hahah they are already selling like hot cakes :) down to 2 left >.< but I'm keeping one for Gaby and my alts :P (I had 6 haha)

Re: Judge this

tsujapan1 wrote:Let's see if I get last words this time. :P


I don't have an opinion I'd like to impose, but I will have you know I clean my *** hourly. >:P

Re: Judge this

You're in the right arty, provided the key statements are true.
thanks for not naming names.

Any time you get a conflict where the kill was given to any person other than the original attacker, it can be considered a KS.

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