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Re: Admin Please Fix

Ahaha yeh this sucks a lot, has it happened on other servers? Despite me making major progress in the past few days, I think a rollback is almost necessary. :\ Is there a way to rollback the clan changes alone? A rollback would remove the need of people being banned as everyone thought there was goi...

Re: Drama Heroes

It's okay kech, I can't even whisper anymore, I almost always have more than 2 nub lets whispering me to give them gold or to help them 'level up' lol
Yeah it's drama on every world.

Re: Drama Heroes

No, you're all wrong. I just got financing to produce a new game set to be released in summer 2012. It will be called 'Drama Heroes' it will be a more fashion based MMORPG.

Lol kidding, Alure is dead on. Thanks hun!

Re: BeAtTz from danu

Haha well I'm not sure who -wouldn't- take you, I will when you reach 85, to be fair to the guys I put through hell toget in haha. :)
But you should always join the clan that supports your nature or has the people you enjoy spending time with. Even if that's not Elite, wish you the best semi!

Re: BeAtTz from danu

Haha wow Alure, a mega guide for Gwydion clans, and almost all the info is very accurate, thats amazing provided minor biases will exist of course. Haha One thing to correct perhaps is that I'm actually the chieftain of Elite. :) And our prolonged friendship with Solitaire maybe xD ororor that we ha...

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