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Re: Camo gear

I sold a Camo charm months ago for 3.5m+

I'm selling my last one for 4.8m obo. (-:

Is anybody selling a mount 90% or higher? What's the price on these?

Re: Public announcement

^ That's still a 100% not justifiable way around it, a scam. Don't dice if you're afraid to lose, the host places just about as much risk for the odds to be in their favor. Don't you dare say you're not a scammer, people who do the thing you just did are the reason why dicing has a bad reputation, a...

Gaby - Buy/Sell/Trade *Might Sell Darkflame Set Edition*

Hello everyone, welcome to my thread, please feel free to make offers on anything I own, or offer me interesting items. Get a hold of me if you own something I'm looking for, let me know how much you're looking for or ask me to offer, hope we may meet an agreement! -BUYING- Spectral Reaper Ring Bast...

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