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Re: Weight

Weight has no "Direct" effect on skills.
At this time, it only indirectly effects skills by lowering your maximum energy amount.

Re: More the one type of weapon

It was meant as an example. I should have been more specific and said they have the same stats. I know there aren't mages running around with 150 str, but it's still an example. It's all about keeping balance... A mage with 150 str using a two handed sword, should not deal the same damage as a warri...

Re: The "Search Bar"

Now, to make it clear, any time I've told someone to use the search bar, I have done it purely because their topic is an exact, or almost exact, copy of another topic. I would much rather see people working together and collaborating in one topic about a subject, compared to there being multiple equ...

Re: Celtic Heroes On FB

I highly doubt this will happen at any point in the near future. Also, it would essentially ruin the game unless the in-game world was expanded to 50 times it's current size. Even after the next update, the in-game world will still be much to small to support the number of concurrent players you wou...

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