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Re: Dagger or spear

The same question was asked a mere three days ago. However, I will repeat my answer: spear is more fun for me to play, but dagger is better DPS.

Re: Why Spear?

The only advantage of playing spear is that, for me, it's a lot more fun. Other than that, the dagger is better.

Re: Post your stats/gear

First of all Rogue is not my main class so ANY constructive feedback I will deeply research. I'd personally like some suggestions on my build and any tweaks that can be useful for solo leveling. Thanks! I would use a fiery veteran helm instead of the bloodlust. For the misc, I would equip a common ...

Re: dex or str?

Shadowstrike can be found on most mobs in Dunskeig Sewers, and life steal can be found on most mobs in Carrowmore tunnels. Shadowstrike costs about 25-50k if you buy it, and life steal costs about 5-10k if you buy it. Yes, a 1:2:2 str:dex:vit ratio is nice.

Re: dex or str?

I think you should go with a typical soloing build. Max shadowstrike, quick strike, riposte, and life steal with extras in fast reflexes. Keep vit 2x your level, and keep dex around 2x str.

Re: dex or str?

If you want maximum DPS, then you're best bet is to load up on as much strength as possible. If you' want to solo cheaply, then load up on dexterity. Hybrid is also a great option. Set up your stats in accordance with your skills.

Re: Ancient wyrm

Plus3 wrote:
DeafeningSilence wrote:Just a heads up - ancient wyrm only drops grand/royal rings and tomes. It will never drop a ring less than +4.

It drops +3 all the time i hate you lol. Or rather it hates me. :roll:

Really? Well, I've never had a greater drop before. I guess I'll try to kill some more to see if that happens.

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