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Re: Need Urgent Help!

DerekJones wrote:Sorry was looking back at what you said and i dont exactly get what your ratio is. Better explanation?

If you have 650 stat points in total, you're going to put 200 points in vit, 300 points in dex, and 150 points in str.

Re: Assassinate Formula?

Assassinate formula with energy cost: 351 http://i.imgur.com/JU7qyvx.png Level 50 Assassinate Damage = 162.38*sqrt( Strength ) + 72.473*sqrt( Cunning ) + 1639.7 + Auto Attack Damage Assassinate's damage scales 33% higher to strength and cunning than sneaky attack's damage. The formula is based on t...

Re: Assassinate Formula?

I could do it myself if someone gives me a royal helm of athach's cunning on Crom ._. Can easily put 40/40 skill points into assassinate (got plenty of alt books), got a grand ring of assassinate, just need that +6 from blue dragon helm. why not farm other rings of assassinate, rather than the blue...

Re: abilities

The higher your abilities are, the higher your skills. An increase in your dagger ability will increase your attack (chance to land an auto) and give you a slight boost in damage. An increase in your cunning ability will make your skills hit harder and more often. First will increase the amount that...

Stat Suggestions

I need stat suggestions; I'm lvl 162 atm. I will be using combos and pots. My skills are sneaky, qs, ss, riposte, and rend. My gear is dl gloves, anc beast everything else (bp is just beast), anc wyrm dag, axe, midnight tali, 40 dmg charm, e regen brace, 40 str/foc brace, 40 dmg ring, +3 and +4 ss r...

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