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Golden blade of ice - 160k

Masters grim - 140k

Pm me in game or mail. Thanks.

Re: Stats for level 100 rogue

Thanks again for the responses. Quick question, if I decide to have more strength than dexterity, should I instead go for axe of triumph? Or stick with dagger offhand. More strength - dagger because of the peirce damage which multiplies with strength Less strength - axe because it has the strength ...

Re: killing support druids

omg omg blah blah i dont rock anything i hear chillstep ******* so now u listen u prick i just came to hang out with some friends in arena when u and ur little friend jumped on me.... i told u it will be a mistake... and cuz im so poor and haveing no friends and i suc etc. i called my friends just ...

Re: killing support druids

Relent stop being annoying an annoying little prick, don't just rock up into the server thinking you own the place. You are gunna make so many enemies here by out by just annoying everyone. Shut up for once.

Re: My build

My opinion is you have too much dex, at your level you should be sitting around 40-50 so if you get the chance swap swap some points from that into strength.

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