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Re: Why is there such a large player class discrepancy?

Main line, people use the play style that appeals to them, so many people will choose rogues because the prospect of being sneaky, cunning and doing tons of damage is very fun, and people play games to have fun. Other classes are funny of course, but in their own way, so everyone that plays has slig...

Re: Onyx and Obsidion

Ranger is absolutely horrible except possibly for tank ranger, but there is no such thing.... I cant post pics or exact stats atm but i know that it has slightly more armor then met, and the bonuses are health (almost useless) and a quite a bit of attack (somewhat useful, but no where as useful as ...

Re: Dragon Lord Offhands

Can u guys plz stop making new topics on dragonlord crap? There's already a topic on it. And right now i will go fine it and put the link in a new post. This topic is on dragonlord armor, not weapons nor offhands. Thanks for finding it, but its better to have offhand pictures here so ppl looking fo...

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