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Re: Bejewelled egg

You can also turn in 1000 regular ostara eggs for 1 bejeweled. It seems to be a similar drop rate as the previous event but requires fewer for the effect hats. Personally I like it cause it requires a lot of dedication but isn’t impossible and you can’t just buy your way there. It’s certainly much m...

Re: Incorrect Reset time?

Yup two of the times were for right now but the BKK (feels naughty saying that) time was for in an hour. When we weren’t getting warnings I got worried and sure enough, one hour warning a few minutes ago. I DEMAND at least patch notes (not really but would be nice =))

Farewell Snow, here’s to many more seasons of Celtic Heroes

Looks like the game sneakily removed the snow a short while ago and I gotta say, it feels like the end of an exciting period for me and the start to another one. I played from 2011-2015ish then quit for several years and started completely fresh 2 months ago and have had such a great time. Glad to s...

Re: Best Pet for Rogue

I have a tier 4 brown hare on my 150 rogue and it's a life saver. Any time it gets hungry I wonder how on earth I would live without it. My rabbit taming ability is at about 1000 and with that the bunny heals 289 hp and 42 energy per tick which keeps my dps output constant and I rarely, if ever, pau...

Re: Buying/Trading

Holy unfathomable, you're still playing? Just thought I'd hop on and see if there were any familiar people still playing and sure enough.

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