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Re: Lugh players, introduce yourselves!

Heya! I am Fiona aka FionaStCroix, FreyaStCroix, FredaStCroix, FleurStCroix and a lot more other alts and banks under my name. I have joined the game way back 2012 and was was part of Spartanos as my first clan. I have strived with very little to start with. I used hammered RedClaw armor until I was...

Re: Lugh Player Ban – Vote

Good day Lugh, I'm good friends to most and I would have to say that everyone has their own "Dark Side", even me. Now it comes to a point where we persecute someone on actions they have done and FORGET to look at our own actions, thoughts and words. Trying to justify our actions but not re...

Re: Mildseven Shop


Would like to ask how much the obsidian hammer costs considering the number of charges it has.
And if you still have that stardust pink hat, kindly lemme know.


Re: A Bit About Lugh

A Big Kudos to u Smart!

Appreciate that you mentioned out Clan TheHobnobbers

We are indeed a fun loving clan that treat everyone as family.

Should you visit or decide to stay, lemme know if I could help!


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