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Re: What Can I Do

It's kind of false advertising because he said 200k, then he changed it to 20k without telling.
It's really hard to tell the difference between 20000 and 200000 when there are NO COMMAS.
So I partially blame the OTM trading system.
If they game had commas, I'd probably wouldn't fall for it.

Re: What Can I Do

I don't want to waste my time because I heard that all trades between players are final D:
So If I send a support ticket is there a chance of getting my stuff back?
Otherwise I'm going to quit and find another 50 bucks for a game that doesn't have that much scamming -.-

What Can I Do

Hello Today I bought 50 dollars of platinum and I bought a Golden Blade of Ice and a Golden Amulet of Rejuvenation for 250k and 150k. Then a few hours later this guy in Arawn server messaged me I will buy your Amulet for 200k I thought he was mental so I didn't do anything and he just traded me and ...

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