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Re: Hit a roadblock at Lv. 150, want advice for progression

For my first druid that i levelled solo, i used root build until about 155-160. From there it is way too inconsistent and i would recommend a winds build. Believe i used LS, ST, vines, bees, winds with extra points in bark and 5-6k health and some points in dex for survivability. Obviously this not ...

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Zkills wrote:#2 clan on Sulis, home of retribution (2nd most powerful clan in the game according to the leaderboards), kills dino so soon after Nuada, one of the weakest servers recently plagued with bans. Wuuut

Just goes to show that while gear is important, communication is more important.


Wanting to xfer gold from danu to nuada for gold/chests at a reduced rate. Have 650k+ in danu I dont plan on using. thanks

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