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Re: Boss Fights

Leveling to 100 is easy without lux. After that is when it starts to suck without lux. Leveling to 100 is easy without lux. After that is when it starts to suck without lux. Only exception to this is mages. druids are hard to level without lux. (solo) rogues will always die without a group unless t...

Re: Boss Fights

you logged in a week ago after 4 years off and you make a massive judgement based on a single login? maybe these players are still grinding because the game is expanding, I'm sure many of these players who were grinding 4 years ago would have quit if there was no new content added, guessing by your...

Re: Boss Fights

how is it fun being a level 50 noob with no lux competing with level 50 alts with heroic rejuv amulets and golden bodkins/golden lux? you cannot kill any bosses under level 70 without lux, you will just die instantly, you cant get warden / meteoric unless your in a good clan or have a decent amount...

Re: Boss Fights

why was my comment removed? , since most the active population and fun is at the max levels the game wont be fun since you meet a lack of people around your combat level Its too late to start this game. I hope you find out for yourself before you have wasted too much time on it. I would disagree, I ...

Re: Rogues

this is completely unfair.
might as well go trade my dagger of slaying for an axe of triumph now ..... cya regen :(

Am i right or Wrong? #Mabon#Drama

Hey so 2 days ago i went on a bossrun with a few people, one guy from clan RIP of mabon and the other 2 were mid range levels, we killed bramblebark and larchthroat, larchthroat dropped a fabled ring of natures touch, which i and one guy suggested we roll for it , then the other 2 said no, so next b...

Re: coming back

Here in australia pot is only a 7 day suspension. My friend got caught twice and he still goes to school lol.

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