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active x

Despite sending support tickets requesting help, i have had no joy in finding out why i get kicked completely from game when trying to access activex. Anyone have any suggestions? Looks like ch removed it for a bit but the same thing keeps happening.

Re: Mage obsidian

I'm level 150 and have full obsidian.it does add to fire skill and as usual not much armor. Better armor is adamant although it costs a lot so if ur on a budget get the quest stuff although remember to get obsidian u need to do Onyx first so u need 15of each rune which can be a hard slog. Obsidian d...

Re: transfer

Yeah dude don't diss the Q he's top and was def being sarcastic so goodbye and good riddance I say. No loss to Gwydion

blue crests

Looking for blue crests of bear and lion 2 of each to finish frozen quest. Always seem to drop other class crests . Please be gentle with pricing lol.:-)

Re: Noob hating

Let's close this now I was only mucking around with my alt because some other ppl had said how badly they were treated. Sorry if I offended anyone but just so u know I DID NOT take any gold or items. I play, i earn my gold and items and when I feel like it I give items away even gold thx for comment...

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