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Re: The Dino raid.

I wanted to share what Difinitus suggested for successful Dino raid. For those who missed it here you go. I hope more servers will kill it soon. Dhiothu is an end-game progression boss. She is difficult, but able to be defeated. Here are a few suggestions if you are having trouble slaying the beast...

Re: The Dino raid.

This guy is a joke and clearly doesn’t know what he is spamming here in forums. He got me confused, his 180 above average fs/fb makes decent damage but his first previous statement says we need to farm DG and Gele BT gears to beat Dhino boss, which is which? I know you just wanna help the raid, but ...

Re: The Dino raid.

A level 5 would know that a 180 casting subpar magic lure didn’t help much more than it worsen the problem, you just added one level 220 on TP block because a Low level can gain aggro easily.. What if just bring all our 180 toons to kill dhino 220 boss, if you call that experience.

Re: The Dino raid.

If you want the good loot dino has then keep farming bt, gele and prot, build up those godly’s/imperials and DG sets, build up your clan, learn the raid as much as possible, and then kill the thing. VR isn’t going to make the raid any different and that’s clear, it’s perfectly done (apart from pote...

Re: The Dino raid.

Dino is a flawed boss. We had so many arguments over Dino raid that it divided the clan. We will not be bothered about Dino from now on. It is a stupid raid boss. https://www.celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=101228 Tell that to the clan that killed dhino 6 Times in less than 3 weeks,...

Re: Clan Owned Gear

Yes, there are lots of endgame players who quit, for different reasons. But it is just a fraction of the many potential good endgame player, which for some reason wasn’t able to join dom clans, who quit simply because they can’t advance much further outside dom clan. What can they do? Challenge the ...

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