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Re: Chests

Lol what new items are these? Chests were fine couple months ago, what’s been added since then? Dragon eggs? I’ve opened 150 chests today I have a total of 20 haste’s and 5 combos those are the only valuable things I’ve got. Joke.

Re: Chests

They’re just awful, considering how much plat they cost, no one should ever open a chest and get 50 idols... and nothing else. Which just happened to me.

Re: Chests

No no you’re missing the point, these chests used to be at least half-decent I understand it’s a gamble and you’re not going to get anything good every time. But a few events ago you could open 100 chests and get maybe 30 haste’s. Now you’re lucky if you get any, the chests have been nerfed into the...


These chests are a joke... haste drop rate is practically non existent, I’m fed up of getting fashion tokens and defense lixes, this double plat event is nothing but a well dressed up scam. If you’re going to make people pay £100 for decent amount of plat the least you could do is make the chests ha...

Re: Max dps stats

Those are pretty nice, I might try and max dmg and attack separately and see what I can get too, I was trying to get them both as high as possible at the same time. 21k attack is mad tho that’s nice

Re: Max dps stats

So I had a bloodthorn set on mixed peices to have max str possible, imperial gele brace, godly and royal blunt necro ring, imperial frenzy prot ring, imperial str prot brace, lvl 200 two handed blunt weap and a perfected bara

Max dps stats

Me and a clannie were messing around with gear and damage etc, managed to squeeze out this beaut of a stat page, wondering what others can get too? Want to see some mad stats in comments

Re: Tanking Bt with DG

Meh. I dont see much tanking benefit to full DG, if anything u would want the specific pieces that add defence but overall theres no benefit to DG, definitely not full DG, especially when edl adds decent defence, hp + high armour, resists and most of all chaos resist. But nice to know. Tbf you get ...

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