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Re: :(

We will see who is laughing when your getting SPOONED!!!
Your friend

Re: :(

Yeah gangs everywhere at castle!! I am the leader of te plastic spoon gang and if i see you on my turf you will be spooned!
lots of love

Re: Introduce yourself Gwydion!

Hey, you may not remameber me but i am magnumwolf. You were the only person that would help me on my quests , most of the time, and i never got to say thanks! And because you helped me so much i have spen most of my time helping new players. Ik this post isnt for saying thanks, but i just want to sa...

Selling event stuff

I am selling two harps, a yellow pheonix rod, and two rings! Pm me or post here if you want to offer! My in game name is magnumwolf, and the other two pictures will be in the replys!

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