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Buying and selling--

Golden blade of ice or fire
Or a golden blade of venom
Heroic boots or gloves
And golden ammy of rejuv

res idols 200 ea
master grimore 160k
yule cloud
regal stately and royal purple presents
and dragon frag 30k!


Hello arawn users, i am looking to trade my golden blade of ice for a golden tridet of magic or ice. If you need to contact me, pm me on my warrior, Collecter. Thanks :) :):):):):)

Re: A server transfer

Hello im looking for a server transfer sir, my name on mabon is MrMage101 and name on arawn is Collector. Im going to be on mabon mostly atm so check there first :)

Server transfer

Hello mabon users! I am looking for a server transfer from arawn to mabon. If you are interested my name on mabon is MrMage101 thank you :)

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