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Re: world xfer!

hi i want to world transfer i got heroic ammy of rev. but i dont have heroic gloves i got 100k cant buy heroic gloves yet. ok some people get confused im giving u lux on arawn for lux on gywdion ok? if this is what ur thinking of please mail me in game! on gywdion MightyRanger or on arawn MightyRog...

World xfer!

Hey everyone so i decided that i dont want to go to arawn so! I got lux on arawn hero gloves hero ammy of rejuv golden blade of ice and golden severty helm! Ive got a middleman slothinator! :D (181 rogue) bye!

world xfer!

Hey! Im trading lux on this world for lux on gywdion pm me in game MightyRogue!! Or leave a msg here :D


Hey there im buying golden quiver of ice also buying 3 yellow rems of rock and 3 earth tabs of basalt

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