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Hey all just wanted to let you all I'll be returning to Lugh from my long break. If anyone would wanna do an xfer from crom let me know. I have about 2-3mil gold in items/lix. Hope to see and talk to you all! Thanks :)

Re: Tzunami

I believe in 2nd chances of people admit being wrong and want to change it. I'm impressed Tzu. +1

Necro Test

Hey all necro test will be on Monday 6est. Let us know if you cant make it. If u dont know strategy talk to Azz, he will explain. Thx again

Double plat glitch

I bought $99.99 and I waited and waited and this popped up. So I waited for hour or so and it still didn't download. I was wondering if I can have my 8000 plat that I bought and still didn't get. If this happens to others I feel sorry for them too. We'll good day all and I hope one thumb mobile can ...

Just taking a break

Some of u may know, but I'm taking a break. I know some people has been asking where I was or if i quit. Just busy atm but I'll be back soon in time for Black Friday sale. Just wanted to tell all of u so u guys.

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