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Re: highestlvl

Smallzie wrote:But people are so dumb now a days they talk bad about otm but have the urge to still speand their hours playing their game and be on the forums

I quit the game, but it's fun to spread the truth.

Re: highestlvl

Infinity cause OTM will just keep making the level cap higher and higher , and they won't accept what really needs to be done, instead they hide the truth by deleting it.

Re: Mobile Data Usage of Celtic?

Wow. My family of 6 all on some kind of device hooked up to our internet every day have never used more than like 400gb a month and that's a lot of YouTube and Netflix. But my phone doesn't use much data when I am away from home. Even if you mistyped 40 gb a month for a family of 6 is a lot, my fam...

Re: Amount of gold held

Shazta how do u make that much in accounts no it doesn't pay 6 figures Immediatley u gotta be Oldy lol Can you talk English ? Why are you making fun of him when he earns actual money compared to your 69 mill in game? You don't gave to be old to make good money. It's accounting not accounts. You can...

Re: What Was One Thumb Mobiles Reason Behind These...

I suspect that OTM's designers might never have taken a level 1 toon and seen how it is to get all the way to full edl. The rest of us have done this through hard work and hours and hours of play time. I wonder if the designers know what it's like to camp for hours to win useless drops lol. Have an...

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