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Re: Hi, everyone (I'm new)

Haaave Fuuun!!! If u see a chance to run away in da near future or within 5 seconds then run like hell and skadoodle k...lol...just kiddin' hope ya like ur time hea in Mabon and welcome!!! our world is complicated 8-)

Re: Elder clan

Darkspider wrote:Post this picture of elder clan
When two of us playing and another one is sitting at the broom :)
Beside me from the left is FZ and right is Zafira

eiii whea me :( hehehe jks

Re: Elder clan

Err 2 be honest ah really don't care what othaz think of Elders right now but da way ah see it, we enjoy each others company and having fun. We may not be the best clan out there but we sure do know how to have fun going crazy and wild as we please. We care not for competition nor to be of high stan...

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