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Re: Who is the nicest player in sulis?

Defenetly not pooball Pooball nicest? He never say im his master, he no nice. F*** pooball!!! And he is girl but is real guy, no guy wouldnt play girl, so he must be gay I have a femal character and imma guy. So im gay too? Umm no. Last i recalled i have a girlfriend. Im only a female in the game c...

Re: Ret

BROrogue/H3ALZ wrote:
FrostKnight wrote:
BROrogue/H3ALZ wrote:
Not my decision

Do it. You said you will kick me last weekend. You didn't because everyone was on.

Like i said i don't make those sorts of decisions

Yeh BROloser

Re: Ret

BROrogue/H3ALZ wrote:I speak on the behalf of sulislegends when i say we are sorry for the rudeness against your clan retribution and its members from chace and frost we do not share the same opinions as they do and i personally apologize for their actions.

Hahaha kiss their ass

Re: The knowledge of people who buy plat

Probably. I never see anyone in Ret make a post about killing a new boss or anything. A single verse of Old McDonald could simply explain your clan. It's.... Just a boring clan. All you guys do is get drops and say can't wait for next. Where's the clan spirit in that? We also level a lot. And chat ...

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