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Re: My Ideas 02

Virtually impossible
The lixs we buy & use are the means of donation to otm so that they can run this game up and bring us new update
These charm would ruin the ecosystem
Over all innovative thought though :)

Re: What will fish be for?

catch fish for selling or craft it for portion
different kind of fish according to rarity(common,rare,very rare,horroblily rare ) which is directly proportional to the cost of the fish in vendor
and better items while crafting
it would be fun to group with frens n clannies n fish :D


Jonsa wrote:
saniz wrote:
Casting wrote:dat gif doh

lol took me 2 hours to make hehe :D
Check my Celtic heroes styled font too :P

Photoshopping Celtic Heroes and clipping and taking the parts you need lol.

You should do my name for me :)

Sure Give me Some Time Ill Do one For u too :)


http://i57.tinypic.com/25evc61.jpg Buying : # Stargem Ammy(200 Focus) #Xps Lixs #Blue Ritual Crown(x1) Selling : # Shadow grimore of health 690k #Blue lanrik top #All Discs Fragments My Offers : # Trade Shadow grim of health + Sunshard ammy(atk) for Stargem Ammy(200 Focus)

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