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Re: What would you do?

As someone who has been in a clan who has literally only lost less than 10 hrungs since release, we recently (maybe in the last month or two) lost a mord and necro to comp clans. I should be... annoyed? But at the end of the day, comp is what compels me to keep playing. Fighting for my clan and seei...

Re: Cape?

Damn, I thought this was going to a suggestion based on games like Runescape where they have max level capes.

Re: Response to griefing

This is one of those touchy subjects. Griefing I think is to hinder the raid entirely. However buying your clan time to log by locking is just executing a strategy to get the finished kill. It wont be popular to the losing team, but if its to troll and not finish the raid thats another story. This ...

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